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The company profile

Yablochko company is a successful Russian manufacturer of «VIVIapple» – ecologically clean food product to the taste of millions of dessert-lovers from all over the world. Remarkably delicious product that was made after the apple receipt of the 18-th century is the top seller of the company. A classical hand-made product is offered to consumers having different tastes and makes them joyful, happy and pleased!
Any client of Yablochko Company notices a tangible use of «VIVIapple» products that is why the company has been developing fast and regularly widens the range of quick-cooking products and flavor and fragrance modulators with most delicious goods prepared from natural components.

5 reasons to choose VIVIapple

It is healthy

Regular using of «VIVIapple» positively affects the alimentary canal functioning, strengthens bones and makes nails and hair beautiful. The product contains mineral substances, vitamins and 45% of pectin which are very necessary for human’s organism


The wonderful flavor of this product is impossible to mistake for anything else. The receipts of preparing «VIVIapple» have been known since antiquity, which is why elder people should remember this natural product.


«VIVIapple» is unrivalled at the modern market and its rare flavor was once appreciated by Russian Empress Ekaterina II. That is why your guests are sure to like such desert on the table.


Truly Russian cookery experts are responsible for preparing this product, they strictly follow unique receipts and use manual labor only.

Children’s delight

Children especially liked this apple receipt. Any kid enjoys eating «VIVIapple». This product is absolutely harmless for kids. Children’s health is the most important thing, is not it?


Have you ever tried VIVIapple?


Lyudmila Kuznetsova Moscow, Russia.

– Not so long ago my husband and me tried «VIVIapple». Nicely wrapped-up the product happened to be very delicious and special. «VIVIapple» resembled the taste from my childhood almost forgotten, which always makes me joyful, pleased and happy. I still taste its unforgettable flavor.

Nick Johnson New York. USA

– I love apples and everything connected with them. «VIVIapple» is not like any other apple products and smells in its special way. My wife and children liked it at once and we didn’t even notice that we ate up several helpings of it. I wish I would often see «VIVIapple» in the shops of America.

Hung Lee Shenyang, China

-I am a loyal client of «Yablochko» company and I noticed that all the products of this manufacturer are of high quality. A great deal of attention in the world is now given to ecologically clean products and I’m very glad to have the opportunity of buying such harmless for health products as «VIVIapple».

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